Jinzouningen 8-gou


Also Known As:

  • Hacchan
  • Eighter
  • Android 8

Android 8 is the first android seen in the series, and the eighth in the series of androids built by Dr. Gero. He resembles the monster in Frankenstein. He was nicknamed "Eighter" (Hat-chan in Japanese and Octavio in the Mexican dub) by Goku. He then took it on as his real name. He was first seen when Murasaki tried to use him to fight Goku as a last resort inside Muscle Tower. He helped take down General White and drive the Red Ribbon Army away from Jingle Village. In the anime only, he appears in the King Piccolo Saga when Chow Castle is sieged by Piccolo and Snow is there. He makes small cameos during the two sequels, Dragon Ball Z and GT.