Exclusive to the anime, Andropov is a member of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron. He is the most intelligent of the group and the youngest member overall. He serves as the reconnaissance of the group. When General Logi announced his secession from Gran Kingdom, Andropov attacked some Gran Kingdom airships. Near the end of the first series, he starts to develop a crush on Kluke (even though he never told her at that time) after he used his shadow's ability to capture her for General Logi to interrogate. When it came to fight against Zola, he and Schneider fight two giant shadow monsters. Andropov fell unconscious as Schneider sacrifices his life to destroy them. Two years later, Andropov was shown recouperating from some medical condition in Kluke's care. When a Rosekstan airship appears in the village they are living in, Andropov defends Kluke the best he could until Shu and the Bouquet/Blue Dragon repel it. He and Kluke join up with Shu to help Rosekstan fight the White Brigade. Andropov later helps out in the fight against Rudolph. Andropov's shadow is Alubujem, a four-armed crystalline creature who helps Andropov with his reconnaissance by launching out the crystals required for it. Alubujem can also launch an endless stream of crystal shards for an attack. Alubujem can also reassemble if shattered and its pieces can be manipulated by Andropov one time when he trapped Kluke.