Ange Ushiromiya

右代宮 縁寿

Also Known As:

  • Gretel
  • Ange-Beatrice
  • Witch of Resurrection
  • Yukari Kotobuki

Famous quote: "No person can become a replacement for another. Not even the past version of themselves." Rudolf and Kyrie's six-year-old daughter, and Battler's sister. She could not come to the island in 1986 due to a sickness. Like her brother, she has a habit of saying, "It's useless, it's all useless" during difficult situations. After the events of Banquet of the Golden Witch, she is raised by Eva after she returns alive from Rokkenjima, and studies to become the next family head. However, she is put through many hardships, particularly due to Eva's belief that her son George should have been the next head; their relationship even worsens even though Eva gets a genuine desire to raise Ange as if she were her own daughter, due to Bernkastel manipulating a young Ange into rejecting Eva as a surrogate mother. Before her death in 1998, Eva passes down the gold and the title of the Ushiromiya family head down to Ange. Ange decides to try her luck and see if she is really supposed to be alive even after her entire family is dead by jumping off a skyscraper, knowing that there is a construction going on several floors down and that she might land on a safety net. She survives and decides to figure out the truth of Rokkenjima in the year 1986. At the end of Alliance of the Golden Witch, the witch version of Ange is violently torn apart when she reveals her true identity to Battler; however, her human self survives and continues to investigate the true circumstances involving Rokkenjima.