Angel Rosewater


Angel Rosewater is the beautiful woman Roger encounters throughout the series. Introduced as Casey Jenkins, investigator for Paradigm Power Management, then again as Patricia Lovejoy, secretary for the publisher of Paradigm Press. Angel's true identity is a mystery, her motives questionable and her allegiance to no one but herself, Not much know for her but that she was born out of the domes, and belongs to a group called "The Union" that later tries to destroy Paradigm. She has two scars running down the back of her shoulders, which make it look as though wings were there, hence her name. Angel develops a not-quite romantic relationship with Roger, seeming to be too afraid to let anyone get too close to her. Angel becomes the pilot of Big Venus, a megadeus that looks much like Big O, with exception of the head and a pair a lights running down the shoulders that echo Angel's own scars. Big Venus' sole function appears to be to erase the current world and reset it, erasing even Big Fau with no effort at all.