Angela is a light pink alpaca with a white face and ears who symbolizes solace. She wears two flower garlands on her ears and a blue jewel necklace with angel wings. Formally debuting in the last episode of the series, Angela is one of Fealina's Jewelpet partners alongside Opal, who once used their powers to seal the Battest. Due to unknown reasons, she died along with Fealina to do so, reverting her into a Jewel Charm before the events of the anime began. Her Jewel Charm was found by Alma in Episode 36 and used it as a key to unseal the Battest. She was seen again revived in the last episode alongside Jasper, talking to Ruby about the Flower of Happiness. Angela's power is solace and she always ends her speeches with "~Paca". In Jewelpet Sunshine, she is one of the students at Jewel Land's Sunshine Academy. Her song can actually make Labra fall asleep. She doesn't usually speak fully until in Episode 12. Her birthday is on March 30 and her name is based on the mineral Anhydrite. (Source: Wikipedia)