Angelina Kudou Shields


Also Known As:

  • Lina
  • Angie Sirius

Angelina Kudou Shields is a foreign exchange student from USNA who arrived at First High School during the latter half of the main characters' freshman year, taking Shizuku's place who went to study in Berkeley, California. She is introduced as a member of the Kudou Family from the Ten Master Clans. Because of her popularity and not wanting to spend time after school, she is unable to decide which club she will join and is instead placed as a temporary member of the Student Council. She refers to herself as "Lina", and usually hangs out with Miyuki. Lina is the granddaughter of Kudou Retsu's brother. She joined Stars three years ago, but she only had a military career of one and a half years, even after she took the position of High Commander of Stars. She beat the previous Sirius,William Sirius, in combat, earning her position. As a combat Magician, who is well trained in hand to hand combat, Lina is naturally specialized in fighting with normal Magicians. While locked in combat with another Magician, Lina relies on her superior speed both in casting her magic and physical movement aided by Magic to overwhelm her opponent during a battle. She always possesses an arsenal of assorted weapons, from knife Integrated Devices to an automatic pistol equipped with a silencer. In terms of Magic, she is more specialized in small-scale, high-impact Magic rather then large-scale, wide-area Magic. Her magic power is also impressive, since she was able to match Miyuki. (Source: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wikia)