Anji Yuukyuuzan

悠久山 安慈

Also Known As:

  • Myouo
  • Anji the Destroyer
  • Bright King

Anji is a warrior fallen-monk who fights along Shishio to destroy the Meiji government who did nothing to stop the anti-Buddhist purge which resulted in the destruction of his home and the deaths of the five orphaned children he cared for in his temple, who came from families who opposed the Meiji restoration and were wiped away during the war. Though he is a "fallen" monk he still maintains many of the Buddhist beliefs and now wishes to cleanse the world of those who are evil, driven by the goal of salvation, and is willing to side with evil to achieve this. Anji's title, "The Bright King" comes from Acala, one of the Five Wisdom Kings, who shatters delusion and is a protector of the faith; Anji believes this to be his purpose. Anji is the 3rd strongest and most merciful of the Juppongatana and has made an agreement with Shishio that Anji shall decide whether someone lives or dies. He does not use a blade directly in combat, instead utilizing Futae no Kiwami (Double Layer Limit or "Mastery of Two Layers") to strike the blade into the ground to attack from a distance, or more usually directly with his fists. Upon meeting Sagara Sanosuke in a forest, he teaches him his secret technique, without realizing Sanosuke is allied with Kenshin. Anji is defeated in a duel with Sanosuke, when Sanosuke upgrades the power of the Double Layer Limit into a Triple Layer Limit (Sanjuu no Kiwami), striking with his knuckles, then his fist, then the tips of the fingers. After hitting Anji with the Sanju no Kiwami, Sano convinces him that the life he's been living isn't the one that the deceased children want for him like he believed. As he falls defeated, Anji sees the spirits of kids he used to take care of. After Shishio's death, he chooses to serve 25 years in prison in Hokkaidou.