Anna Kushina

櫛名 アンナ

Also Known As:

  • Anna-chan

Age: 11 Height: 140 cm B/W/H: 65/45/63 Birthday: 8 December Blood Type: O A quiet, doll-like girl who serves as HOMRA's unofficial mascot. Anna is very quiet and shy compared to her louder, more eccentric HOMRA members. In addition, she rarely expresses much emotion nor does she actively participate in the gang-like activities of HOMRA, due to her young age and status as the sole female in the group; however, she is not unwilling to tag along and cooperate if necessary. She has the ability to locate things and people and read minds using her red marbles. From the novel: When she was slightly younger, she lost control of her powers and projected her painful experience of being burnt and drowned to the people around her. Her parents were killed as a warning for her not to refuse the experiments on her. K: Missing Kings She becomes the new Red King, succeeding Mikoto and, with her new powers, reunites HOMRA after their slow disbandment due the previous king's death. (Source: ANN, K Project Wikia)