The Anti-Spiral is the collective form of a population of Spirals who chose to seal their bodies in suspended animation, preventing their own spiral energy from manifesting beyond their control and destroying the universe. The Anti-Spiral took it upon itself to control the population of other Spiral beings across the universe, to prevent the Spiral Nemesis, the threshold of Spiral energy being broken and destroying the universe, from occurring. Although the Anti-Spiral seeks to destroy Spiral life forms, the Anti-Spiral will show mercy to those who surrender. The Anti-Spiral will install an Extermination Systems around the home planet of those who surrender, which will destroy all Spiral life should their numbers become too great. It is then up to the Spiral warrior who surrendered to maintain the Spiral's numbers. The Anti-Spiral combats opposing Spirals using their highly advanced technology. Because Spiral energy is fueled by will power and determination, the Anti-Spiral will use methods to instill fear, hopelessness, and absolute despair to subdue any Spiral uprising. The Anti-Spiral technology is so great that it can bend the laws of physics and even alter probability.