Also Known As:

  • Anubisu-shin

Anubis is a Stand without a user that Dio found in a dark museum 500 years after its user and creator died. Anubis swore loyalty to Dio after Dio defeated it using The World. Anubis is first introduced when it is found by a farmer named Chaka, who then draws the sword out of curiosity and becomes possessed. The possessed Chaka then cuts down his companions and eventually challenges Polnareff, who defeats Chaka after some struggle and takes the sheathed blade. The barber, Khan, eventually picks up the sword and also becomes possessed, but is defeated by Jotaro and the sword is broken by Star Platinum. Later, Polnareff himself also falls victim to Anubis, but is defeated by Jotaro after some difficulty. A child then picks up the sword, but trips over Iggy and releases it, causing it to land on a cow that thrashes its way into the sea and finally drops the blade. Anubis attempts to call out to the remaining fish and crabs to help it up, but nobody else takes notice of the sword, which presumably rusts to ruin and erases the Stand from existence.