Anzu Kadotani

角谷 杏

Student Council President and commander of team E, which is also called "Turtle Team." She is manipulative, childish and care-free girl who lets Momo and Yuzuko do all the tank operations while she just sits by as if she the passenger. She forces Miho to participate in Sensha-do. Although as time passes her actions and some comments indicate that the reason she's pushing Sensha-do so hard is to protect the school, not out of vain pride. However, only members of the Student Council know what that reason is but are keeping it to themselves to avoid panicking or pressuring the other students. Her team uses a Czech made "Panzer 38(t)," it was later on modified to a Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Hetzer" in episode 10. It was later on reveled that her reason for reviving "Sensha-do" was to prevent the school's impending closure due to budget cuts in maintaining the ship where the school resides, that is, if they can win the Sensha-do national tournament. Later, she stopped lazing around during the matches took of the role of gunner in her team, which helped a lot during the fights with Pravda and Kuromori teams. (Source: Wikipedia)