Aoba Takatsu

高津 あおば

Also Known As:

  • Code: Revenger

Sakura's best friend at school and Dekasugi's childchood friend. Like the rest, she knows of Ogami's identity as a Code:Breaker when Yuuki assaults their school. One notable thing about the girl seems to be her impressive bust size, which according to Maeshun, measures at 98 cm. After revealing himself as one of the Re:Code, Dekasugi exposes Aoba as the Code:Revenger. Although she has not revealed any special power, she is still able to overpower Ogami with mere physical strength and speed. Aoba's first special power is 'Time-Change in Object'. This ability her to revert anything she touches back to how it once was. As an example, If she reverts the objects/persons time back 60 seconds, that person/object will become what it was 60 seconds ago. Aoba's second special power is called "Vital Acupuncture". This ability allows her to perform acupuncture on any object or flesh without touching them, shattering the object or strengthening the body. Used in combination with her "Time Change in Object", this allows Aoba to always return herself body to the point in time when her power is at its maximum state. Aoba's lost state is that of a of a tiny old woman.