Aoi Kiriya

霧矢 あおい

Age: 13-14 (Season 1), 15-16 (Season 2), 16-17 (Season 3) Blood type: A Birthday: January 31 Sign: Aquarius Favorite food: sandwiches Aoi is a student at Starlight Academy and Ichigo 's best friend. Aoi's been Ichigo's best friend since they were young. She's calm, bright, and good at analyzing. She's well informed on the entertainment industry,especially on idols at the starlight academy, so Ichigo calls her “Idol Professor”. She joined Starlight Academy together with Ichigo. She got best out of around 1000 people in the Idol test for the Starlight Acadamy exam and in the end of episode 2 became Mizuki Kanzaki 's temporary manager. This is because she had been studying idols for as long as she could and made time for that by doing her homework early. During the entrance exam to Starlight Academy, Aoi answered all the questions relating to idols correctly. After entering the school, she is shown to complete all her training perfectly without a sweat. She's also a lot more mature than Ichigo and sometimes puts her onto the right track. She also observes other idols before a performance to find out their weaknesses. Aoi is afraid to know that she won't be with Ichigo for long in Starlight Academy. Her favorite brand is Futuring Girl and her stage colour is blue. As of Episode 37, Ichigo and Aoi were put into Soleil (''Sun'') unit. Ran quits Tristar and joins them later in the same episode. Aoi lands the spot of lead female in the movie adaption of Naughty Detective, Naughty Inspector. (Source: Wikia)