Aoi Nogami

野上 葵

Also Known As:

  • Lightspeed Goddess

An esper with Level 7 teleportation capability, Aoi is the rational member of "The Children" Special Esper Team alongside Kaoru and Shiho that likes playing video games in her spare time. Like her teammates, Aoi is introduced at series inception as behaving in a somewhat cavalier manner that annoys her adult superiors. While she generally understands that having Level 7 telekinesis used as an attack is frightening and very dangerous, Aoi has a hard time understanding the human dark side and why anyone would be apprehensive of espers whose powers are more for investigation/inspection although it is not inane or impossible for her to teleport a person into an inanimate object. As a level 7 teleporter, she is very sensitive to hyperspace recognition and has shown to be capable of neutralising other espers' teleportation abilities to a certain extent and tracking teleporting espers in close by vicinities. Comically, Aoi is still concerned about her smaller chest size in comparison to the other two Children. She like the rest of her team, falls in love with Minamoto, and grow jealous if he is interested in any other girls. Aoi is the most innocent of the Children, due Kaoru having a love for perverted actions, and Shiho understanding the human dark side. (Source: Wikipedia)