Aoi Rokusho


Aoi Rokusho is a diabolical ninja who was hired by the Wagarashi Clan. His job was to stop Idate Morino, a runner for the Wasabi clan, from winning the Todori Burning Fire Race against Shikakuya Fukusuke of the Wagarashi Clan. The story behind Aoi is much deeper though as he was a previously a Konoha Chunin. Aoi betrayed Konoha by having his student, Idate, steal two special treasures from Konoha under the false pretense of his student becoming a Chunin. These treasures were the Raijin Sword/The blade of the thunder spirit in the English dub (according to Aoi, used by the Second Hokage), and a special scroll of forbidden jutsu. After this event, Aoi defected to Amegakure but was followed by Idate's brother, Ibiki Morino, who was then, along with his younger brother Idate, captured by Aoi and tortured to translate the scroll.Only Leaf village Jounin could translate the scrolls writings. Ibiki not only resisted the torture, but managed to escape with the scroll. After this incident, Aoi remained with Amegakure upon which he became a Jonin. As a member of Amegakure he performed various odd jobs and demeaning tasks that other ninja wouldn't bother with. Aoi's skills mainly involve his umbrella and needles, which he can use to pin opponents with. His needles are commonly dipped in poison, making them even more lethal. What sets him apart from other ninja is his use of the special Raijin sword, which he stole from Konoha. Though he is fast, most of his techniques are fairly basic. At the end of the arc, Aoi's Raijin was cracked by Sasuke's Chidori and then broken by Naruto's Rasengan, he was knocked off a cliff by Naruto. It is unknown if he survived, but he himself states earlier in the episode that anyone knocked off will surely die, and unlike Sakura and Sasuke, he is unable to slow his descent at all before hitting the waters below.