Shuu Aozaki

青崎 柊

Also Known As:

  • Blue Demon

One of Awakusu-kai's executives, nicknamed "Awakusu's Blue Demon" (the "Ao" in his surname means "blue"). He is described as being tall (over 190cm) and having wide shoulders. Aozaki dislikes Akabayashi and is piqued by the fact that they are collectively referred to as the "Blue Demon and Red Demon." Their rivalry dates back to the days before Akabayashi's entry into Awakusu-kai. However, Aozaki admits to Dougen that he has no intention now to challenge his long-time rival Akabayashi to a decisive fight. He even informs Akabayashi beforehand when Akabayashi's old colleagues try to avenge their boss thinking that Akabayashi was the one who killed him. Unlike Akabayashi, who likes to fight on his own, Aozaki always brings subordinates with him. He does not consider Awakusu Mikiya a qualified successor to Awakusu Dougen and can be rather vocal about it when Dougen is not around. However, he has a lot of respect for Dougen, whom he remains absolutely loyal to. Unlike Akabayashi, he makes no effort to keep up with new technology and claims that he would crush his cell phone without a second thought if Dougen tells him to. (Source: Verbose Playground)