Second-in-command of the Cybertrons stationed on Gaea, Apache is a grizzled, short-tempered and no-nonsense sort of officer. A perfectionist, he demands nothing but the best from his troops... and especially from himself. Apache takes failure hard and tends to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders; if something goes wrong, it's all his fault. An origin for this shortcoming stems from his deep respect for Lio Convoy, whom he can't stand to lose face in front of. A rigid old timer, Apache doesn't suffer reckless youths such as Tasmania Kid and Lio Junior particularly well, and he absolutely cannot stand the buffoonish antics of the Jointron brothers. His attempts to suppress his anger have combined with his own self-doubts, creating a subconscious dark side within the Cybertron (faction). On occasion, Apache will slip into his special third mode, a sort of artillery platform called "Angry Combat Mode", and explode into a destructive berserker. When he recovers, he has no memory of his third mode or any of the havoc it wrought. (Source: Transformers Wiki)