Apollomon the Sun-wheel is the Death General of Bright Land in Digimon Xros Wars. He is the strongest Death General, but unlike the others he does not share Bagramon's destructive ambitions, and he only acts as a Death General while under the influence of Bagramon's crack program, Whispered. While acting as a death general on the surface, in reality, Apollomon has a heart of justice. His cruel imprisonment of numerous weak Digimon is revealed as a way to protect them and ensure that they stay alive. In addition, for every Digimon he hurts this way, he inflicts a wound on his right arm. So many wounds are inflicted that he eventually becomes unable to use his right arm, which he accepts as atonement for his sins. After meeting Taiki and earning Xros Hearts' trust (and especially earning Taiki's approval) he is forcibly turned evil into Apollomon Whispered, and Taiki has to reluctantly battle him. After being defeated, he later briefly returns in the Land Of Souls, sacrificing himself to save Taiki and the Xros Hearts members sent there.