Arashi Mikami

三神 嵐

Age: 17 Height: 175 cm A handsome but socially awkward high school student that belongs to the Black Label Organization, a vigilante group that deals with criminals the police is unable to. When he was young, he was severely scarred on a terrorist attack that took the life of his best friend, Ryu Mochizuki and he received organ transplants from him. During missions, he wears a bullet-proof motorbike helmet that covers his entire face. He often rides shotgun with Mikoto, though sometime he also has his own motorcycle which is a Suzuki 600. He is armed with a long barrel 45 Cal pistol and a sawed off twin barrel shotgun, sometime he would also have a myriad of ordinances, like flashbangs and smoke grenades. (Source: Triage X Wikia)