Arashi Narukami

鳴上 嵐

Also Known As:

  • Natchan
  • Shitty Okama
  • Naru

Unit: Knights Age: 16 Birthday: March 3 Club: Track & Field Club A friendly and cheerful young man who speaks in a girlish tone. He treats the heroine affectionately and acts like a big sister to her. His principle is "everything in moderation." Even though he's versatile and tries out all sorts of things, he's not serious about any of them. Being a narcissist full of self-confidence, he loves jobs that allow him to be seen by others. He worked as a model before he entered the school. The teacher Akiomi Kunugi is his former senior in the modelling world. Loves hardworking boys. (Source: Ensemble Stars! Wikia)