Arata Hinohara

日ノ原 革

Arata Hinohara is a shy, quite person who doesn’t like to stand out and tends to not have much self confidence, is athletic, and he also sticks to his morals as to what is right and wrong and he will stand up to someone who is getting hurt because of him. He is also from present day Japan, and ran track in middle school. His name Arata uses the kanji used in revolution. Arata Hinohara is first introduced in chapter 2 of volume 1 getting ready for school and he is looking forward to the fact that he gets to start fresh in high school due to being bullied in middle school. On his way to school he catches a pervert in the act, and as he flees, Arata chases him down and tackles him until the police arrive. Because of that incident he meets his first friend in high school by the name Suguru Nishijima. He also becomes popular in school until Masato Kadowaki comes to his first day of class due to a broken leg and being hospitalized. He is then made fun of by Masato (who doesn’t like him due to the fact that he slowed down during track training to let Masato win as he might not have been able to compete in the next meet) and the rest of the school. Later his desk gets covered in glue and he finds out that he is betrayed by his best friend Suguru. After being made fun of and after school is over he wishes to disappear so that everyone can be happy. He loses all trust in people by saying it is pointless to trust people as they only betray you. As he is walking around he hears a voice call for him in an alley, and as he enters the alley everything becomes black. Although he finds that he is no longer in Japan, but rather a new world that is known as Amawakuni (he finds that out a little later). In Amawakuni he meets Kotoha who was worried about Arata. He is confused at what is going on and when Kannagi searches his “house� he comes across a rusted sword and activates its power and becomes a Sho. The sword is known as a Hayagami, or god, and its name is Goshintai. His Hayagami has the power of the wind. Kotoha tells him that she will be there for him, and later finds out that he doesn’t have the stone (michihi no tama) that the princess game to him, so she gives him hers. He later gets arrested and as he is in a holding cell he talks to Arata by the power of the stone. He finds out that Kannagi was behind the murder of the princess and that Arata was framed for it. During his trail he is exiled to Gatoya Island (it’s known for being the same as hell). On the trip to the island Kotoha tags along and gives him his Hayagami. Also because of the stones power he is able to talk to the princess (who is just barely alive) and she asks him to govern the world as other wise there will only be war and blood shed. On the island he meets Kanate and Ginchi who try to steal everything he has as well as kotoha. He trades the people everyday items from Japan (no one has seen anything like that before) for information, and later finds out that Gatoya Island is like a man eating island and that it is controlled by a Sho named Tsutsuga. After facing Tsutsuga in a fight he is given Warden’s power and returns the island back to normal. He later escapes with his new friends Kanate and Ginchi as well as Kotoha on a ship back to the main land to as he starts his journey on restoring order and saving the princess. (Source: Wikipedia)