* Birthday - November 2 * Zodiac sign - Scorpio * Height - 139 cm (about 4' 7") One of the twelve sisters in Sister Princess, Aria is a very soft-spoken and shy girl. Due to her timid nature, she tends to cry upon the slightest trouble, as well as utter the phrase “kusu�, in hopes that her beloved brother will come ‘save the day’ for her. According to the creators, she originates from France. Her elegant dressing of frills and lace is a further emphasis on that. She is extremely fond of cute things (animal plushies), sweets, and especially parfait. Aria has also been shown to possess many child-like qualities; such as a vivid imagination of the things around her, the referring to herself in third-person, and to speak in an awkwardly slow fashion. All twelve sisters has a unique way of calling their brother, and Aria addresses him as Nii-ya (兄や), which is perhaps the most childish way to call brother.