Asa Shigure


Also Known As:

  • A-Chan

Height: 163cm Birthday: October 20th Three Sizes: 87, 60, 85 Asa Shigure is Rin's friend and senpai. While she has a weak constitution, she makes up for it with her energetic personality. Despite being a touch of a tomboy, she is an excellent cook. She uses English loan words often and is notable for her "Hello!" greeting which is her catchphrase. Asa has a mother that is a demon, but ironically she is probably the nicest character in the show. Her mother passed her magic on to Asa and her father passed his feeble human body on to Asa. Normally, this isn't a problem, but Asa refuses to use her magic. This brings her a great amount of physical harm, and for this reason, she might die. Rin chooses her in the anime.