Asako Shibasaki

柴崎 麻子

Asako Shibasaki is in the Library Task Force and is initially ranked Librarian First Class, but is later promoted to Chief Librarian. She works on the inside as an informant in military intelligence, and is very good at gathering information. She is Kasahara's roommate, and after Kasahara joins the task force, Shibasaki helps her study the catalogs in the base's library through a form of negative reinforcement involving giving her candy when she gave the wrong answers which leads her to break out in pimples. Shibasaki is really sharp and brilliant; she's aware of facts most people aren't aware of. Shibasaki has a really pretty face and this makes most men go after her, which results in her friends being jealous of her. Plus, she has quite a sarcastic personality, she used to be very blunt and told people what she really felt, but got hated by most of her friends because of that. So, in her high school years, Shibasaki learned to hide her true feelings and put on a 'mask' to interact with other people. That's what made her succeed on socializing, to never trust others. But later on, after she got to meet Kasahara Iku, her feelings gradually began to change, and even though she had stated before that she would never trust anyone anymore, she realized that Iku is actually one person she truly wanted to be friends with. Thanks to her pretty face as well, Shibasaki despises guys who can't look beyond her looks, and never actually fell in love with anyone before she met Dojo. She was attracted to him because Dojo is the type that 'would never fall in love with her'. She made a joke out of it and confessed, but later on was rejected. After quite some time, Shibasaki began to get closer to Hikaru Tezuka, and ended up loving him, even though she never actually said it out loud.