Asami Hoshino

星野 あさみ

Birthdate: October 28, 1991 Asami is a friend of Sana's and is in her second year. Asami seems to have a very gentle personality, and even volunteers at an old folk's home; she often asks Sana to come too, who is happy to oblige. However, she actually has a very vindictive personality. She takes revenge on people who hurt her. In the anime, she had a crush on Syuri and when she confesses to her, Syuri says they should just be friends. Angered, Asami writes a letter to the school, accusing that Syuri and Syusuke are lovers. Later on, she invites Syuri and Sana to the hospital to visit a sick lady so she could see how much she hurt Syuri. To her surprise, Syuri seems fine. At the hospital, the sick lady takes a knife and tries to kill Syuri, but Asami runs to protect her and is stabbed instead. She lives to realize that she should not hate Syuri anymore.