Asami Yoshino

吉野 麻美

Age: 17 Birthday: 6 June Class: 2-B Blood type: A Height: 156cm Weight: 47kg BWH: 83-58-81 Club: Tea Ceremony Club Member Keima's classmate. A quiet girl, in the class she usually reads alone and does not actively interact with others. From the start, she already had an interest on Keima and was always looking at him. Different from her sister, she is not good socializing with people. To fix that, she joins tea ceremony club and always participates in the class activity. But it doesn't go well and talking with others too much makes her want to puke. She can talk normally with her family. Her name is derived from Yoshino Station (�野駅 Yoshino-eki). In the anime, she appeared during the Chihiro Kosaka Arc and also during certain different parts. Her desk is in the same column as Keima's and is only two desks behind him. (Source: Kaminomi Wikia)