Asimov Solensan


Age: 36 Height: 6'2" ft. Weight: 174 lbs. Appears in episode 1 "Asteroid Blues". The bounty on his head is 2,500 000 â‚©. This Russian patriot used to work for the Syndicate as a chemicals expert. He was charged to create some "Bloody Eye", a drug created by the military. What it does is increases the amount of adrenaline in the bloodstream giving the user superhuman strength, reflexes, and speed. It takes its toll on the user though and over extended use causes delusions of grandeur. The drug is administered by a hypospray to the eye. He wanted to start a new life on Mars with his wife Katerina but before doing that he had to sell as muchof his stolen Bloody Eye as possible. While trying to escape from Spike, Asimov takes too much of the Bloody Eye and loses his mind. He charges a police barricade, but is killed by his wife who shoots him in the head just before their spaceship is destroyed by the police.