A Dragon Knight of Middle Eastern descent, he resembles a tall, skinny man with bulging purple eyes, dark lips, and a long point of blond hair that hangs over his face. Al, as he was originally named, witnessed his sister Sara die from traumatic injuries caused by stepping on a mine while he was a child. The incident left him deeply scarred, becoming bizarrely homicidal and violent overtime. Though Atori seems to be fighting against the cause of the other Dragon Knights, he actually perfers using entirely different, yet extreme methods to ensure the job is done. After betraying the Dragon Knights in an effort to destroy the Dragon Torque, he cuts his pipeline and becomes trapped in Haruka's timespace. When Atori intervenes in Karasu and Fukurou's fight, he loses his memory and becomes completely innocent and seemingly harmless. When he first meets Miho, Atori believe she is his little sister. This initially frightens Miho; when she denies that she is Sara, Atori lapses into confusion. Deprived of his prior hatred, he even admonishes his former enemy, the fatally injured Karasu, for sleeping when "the little girl is crying," and defends all of them from Kosagi's attacks. Miho and Atori develop a very deep bond, which seems to influence his personality once he regains his memories, as he fights to protect the children in Haruka's timespace. Ultimately, Atori dies whilst trying to protect Haruka's friends in Haruka's timespace during the second Shangri'la raid. Atori's spin weapon seems to be based in lightning attacks. He can charge and release large blasts. In the final battle, Atori assumes the form of large quantum beast to fight the invaders from Shangri'la; blocking the circle that allows Shangri-la ships to enter our timespace, and apparently dies when the circle collapses on itself. Atori is Japanese for finch. (Source: Wikipedia)