Atsushi Doujou

堂上 篤

First Lieutenant librarian. Captain of the special unit "Dojo Squad". Superior in combat and normal library office work. Has quite a short figure compared to men in his age (approx. 5'4"), but that never makes him weaker than the others. Dojo is a strict leader and has a straight character. He always pushes his subordinates (especially Iku) to their limit. His straight character makes himself a good prey of teasing by other officers. He is usually calm and composed, but not whenever it's concerning Iku. Dojo is actually Iku's 'prince', 5 years prior to the series' start, he was touched by Iku's bravery to protect the books no matter what happened to her, and so he used his position as a library officer to demand the books back. Even though Iku saw it as a really heroic act (which leads to her fantasy and will to join the Library Force), that act was actually humiliating and that made Dojo had to go through numerous trials and all the higher-ups labelled him shallow-minded. Dojo decided that he would never do something like that anymore, but he stated in his heart that he didn't regret what he had done. Later on, when he was interviewing Iku, together with Genda and Komaki, he instantly knew that it was the girl she met 5 years ago, but sadly she didn't remember. After hearing the reason why Iku applied to the Library Force, Dojo began blaming himself because it was his fault that she chose to pick this dangerous job. And so, Dojo treated Iku harshly, hoping that it would make her resign from the position. Despite his tendency to act mean with Iku, he deeply cares about her, even more than any of his subordinates. Multiple times, during the show, it is hinted that he has romantic feelings for her. As the story goes on, he's getting kinder towards Iku, showing great care, which results in Iku's feelings gradually changing. Also, he likes patting Iku. He always pats her whenever she's sad, or down, or simply just for praising her.