Atsushi Murasakibara

紫原 敦

Also Known As:

  • Mukkun
  • Murasakicchi
  • The Wall
  • The Evil King

Debut: Chapter 73 (Manga), Episode 25 (First Season) Birthdate: October 9 Age: 16 Height: 208 cm (6' 10") Weight: 99 kg (218 lbs) Blood Type: O Starsign: Libra School: Teikou (former), Yousen (current) Number: #5 (Teikou), #9 (Yousen) Position: Center Talent: Monstrous Strength, Powerful Offense & Defense, Zone Play Motto: "Sweets are Justice" Murasakibara has 3 older brothers and 1 older sister. Formerly playing center for Teikou Middle School's basketball team, he does the same now for Yousen High School. Beyond possessing shoulder-length, purple hair, Murasakibara is immediately recognizable for his great height, at least ten centimeters taller than any other currently revealed member of the Generation of Miracles. Murasakibara likes snacks, a lot. He is sometimes seen carrying tons of snacks wherever he goes. The everyday Murasakibara is childish and often teases people, but once he's on the court, his personality changes. Because of his natural height and great talent, he doesn't care very much for basketball, and he said that he's annoyed seeing average people going so far on playing basketball. He is said to be one of the greatest center among high school players in Japan. Murasakibara's greatest strength is that he has a monstrous, destructive power that never allows anything get past him. Combined with his other current teammates' strength, they don't allow opponent's team to score even one point. Even though Murasakibara usually plays only in defense, if he gets serious, he also plays in offense, which results in the offensive power getting more extreme. Murasakibara's signature dunk dubbed the "Thor's Hammer." This move is basically a two handed dunk with extreme rotational power. Murasakibara posts up under the basket, receives the ball, jumps and spins around while in the air. He faces towards the goal and ferociously dunks the ball with his two hands. Because of the sheer force that Murasakibara produces, it looks like a whirlwind surrounds him while he is rotating. Thor's Hammer can easily overpower three players.