Aya Toujou

東城 綾

Birthday: January 14 Reserved and timid almost to a fault, Toujou is the mystery girl Manaka has been seeking out (the girl with the strawberry panties). She excels in studies but is not very noticed at her middle school because of her large glasses and unattractive hairstyle. Her beauty was only brought out after she started wearing contact lenses and letting her hair down. Her career goal is to become a novelist. A gifted writer, she manages to win several prestigious awards for her compositions despite her youth. She is also the script writer for the movies of the Film Studies Club, and was the first person Manaka shared his dreams with. During the final school festival, she was considered by the Astrological Research Club's "Love Sanctuary" attraction to be the best person suited for Manaka. Associated with the East ("Tou").