Ayaka Shinozaki

篠崎 彩夏

Narumi's classmate. She is a very active and cheerful girl. She works part-time at a ramen shop called Hanamaru. She was the only member of the gardening club, but made Narumi join her, starting a friendship with him. she really loves the gardening club and spends a lot of time at the greenhouse, sometimes causing her to ask Narumi to replace her at work. when she is depressed, Narumi manages to cheer her up by helping her with the gardening club. Ayaka doesn't enjoy school that much and she often skips classes to be on the roof, that is how she met Narumi. Ayaka couldn't talk to him so she placed lots of planters on the roof so she could have a reason to start a conversation with him. Ayaka has a very unclear relationship with both her divorced parents, and her older brother Toshi. She cares much for Toshi, but her love seems one sided. Ayaka seems to know little about his life, not for the lack of trying, but because he never talks to her. She does say that her relationship with him used to be much closer. She has a very strong relationship with Yuuko and is taking care of her, sometimes against Yuuko's will. She is the one who washes her laundry when Narumi is gone, also helps her shower, takes care of her hair, helps her dress up and teases her for her irresistible cuteness. Soon after, she mysteriously jumps off from the school roof injuring herself and falling into a coma. This motivates Narumi to make a request for Alice: find out why she jumped off from the roof. It is later revealed that she jumped from the roof after being coerced by Toshi and Hakamizaka into taking Angel Fix. She is shown waking up from the coma at the end of the anime, at the very end of the credits but it is revealed later in the novel that she suffers from amnesia and no longer remembers anything about Narumi.