Ayame Kajou

華城 綾女

Also Known As:

  • Blue Snow
  • Setsugen no Ao
  • The Blue in the Snow Field

She is a second year high school student at Tokioka Academy and also the Vice President of the school's student council. At school she's conservative, pure and uptight, and she enforces discipline and upholds public morals around campus. However, known only to Okuma and later on with Otome, Kosuri and Hyouka, she also has an alter ego called "The Blue in the Snow Field," a foul mouth exhibitionist who walks around in public not wearing much more than a pair of panties on her head and a smock to cover her naked body. She incites obscene acts of terrorism against the society who strictly upholds the public moral where dirty jokes and toilet humor have been outlawed. In the anime she is called "Blue Snow."