Ayana Minase

水瀬 文奈

A bespectacled classmate of Tomo and Mafuyu, Ayana appears to be one of the only students of class 1-A willing to take their side despite them being bullied or ignored while mistreated. Though she appears to be gentle and weak, she is in fact the very first Adept to appear in the series: her true identity is that of a Qwaser, and she wields control over the element of magnesium, which she usually shapes in razor-sharp chakrams that she throws and controls in both trajectory and shape, being also capable of igniting them with fire. Revealing her friendship with Tomo and Mafuyu to be mere acting, she confronts Sasha three times, being killed during their third battle after failing to kidnap and held Tomo as a hostage. As a clone without will, she is later summoned to fight against Shin'ichiro Ootori. (From Wikipedia)