Ayano Elizabeth Hakuhouin


Birthday: January 24

A kind-hearted girl; also the third pilot. As Yohko's best friend, Yohko trusts her and believes that Ayano's abilities would outmatch her own in the right circumstances. She's generally quiet and she truly cares and admires Yohko since childhood. She lives with her grandfather, the Master of the Hakuhouin-Ryū Judo Family. Thus, Ayano seems to be his successor, and can be seen in several episodes practicing judo with her grandfather. She seems to lack confidence, but enjoys starship battles. In later episodes, she strives to be independent of Yohko, making her go against Yohko in a starship battle. Pilots the Super Struggle TA-27, which mainly fires grapple hooks to latch onto an opponent and throw them - an extension of her judo abilities.

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