Ayano Sugiura

杉浦 綾乃

Age: 14 Birthday: January 20 Sugiura Ayano is the vice president of the student council. Gallant and filled with a powerful sense of justice, she happens to be popular with other female students. She's always thinking about Toshino Kyouko... or, to put it more bluntly, she's a pure-hearted maiden who is falling in love. Altough Ayano is often not too honest with her feelings, she is constantly doing her best to know more about Kyouko and as the series progress they get more closer, despite Kyoko being clueless about Ayano feelings, she is always happy and have fun when dating with her. Ayano's best friend, Chitose Ikeda, will help out Ayano getting closer to Kyouko whenever she see a chance. Despite her Tsundere nature, she is very supportive and always will be doing what she can to help, also, she frequently make puns which always succeed in making Yui Funami laugh.