Ayase Terada

寺田 あやせ

Age 17-A native alter and close friend of Kimishima. Her alter ability is "Noble Tempest." When it is active, anything her hair touches turns into water and a small octopus alter takes the appearance of a hair ornament. She does not like to fight, but uses her power when she needs to. Later on, she gets captured and, under threat of HOLY withholding medical treatment from her brother, has her alter abilities refined extensively. This allows her to completely control water, cause chemical reactions with the elements in the water and manifest a gargantuan alter by using a special conchlike apparatus hanging from a necklace. While battling Kazuma, she finds out her brother has died, and dies herself soon after, completely losing the will to live. She first appears in Episode 4. In the manga, she marries Kimishima and they have a child together. In the anime, Ayase seemed to have taken a liking towards Kazuma, though it is not confirmed if she had the same feeling for Kimishima. (Source: Wikipedia)