Ayumu Toujou


Also Known As:

  • Ayu-tan

Birthday: January 14 Zodiac: Capricorn Height: 178 cm Weight: 66 kg Tojou is Kyubei's servant, who is extremely dedicated, if not obsessive, in his concern for his young master. He generally speaks in a very polite manner, using -masu and -desu instead of the short dictionary forms usually employed in a normal male-speech. He addresses Kyubei as waka, which means young master and has for years kept a diary recording Kyubei's activities. Kyubei is usually indifferent to Tojou's excessive attention, although she did kick him when he commented that gothic lolita clothes would suit her. Tojou's eyes are normally closed unless he is surprised or under emotional distress. If his eyes do open, the whites of his eyes are actually black, and his pupils either glow with an unearthly green, blue or red. He has an obsession with beating a raw, unbroken egg yolk on his rice for meals (as shown when the egg yolk broke, and him going into a berserk rage quite uncharacteristic with his usual demeanor). His name is based on Aya Tojou of the manga Strawberry 100%.