Azriel is Jibril's "older sister" and the Representative of the Winged. Her title allows her first say during emergencies but any other decisions still must go through the Council of Eighteen Wings (of which she is a member). She was the first Flügel created and thus is the oldest amongst them. Her role during the Great War was a conveyor of Artosh's will to the rest of the Flugel. She was responsible for passing the law regarding the sharing of books among the Flügel. She has an appearance similar to that of the other Flügel, an angelic-like being, but with some notable differences. She has a medium length mostly green hair, her eyes are heterochromic; her right eye is blue, the left one is golden. She also possesses a curved horn on the left side of her head, representing her dual nature. Like Jibril, she also has her midriff exposed and wears a long skirt. (Source: No Game No Life Wikia)