Azusa Fuyutsuki

冬月 あずさ

A 22-year-old beautiful female teacher who is the heroine of the series. Unlike Onizuka, she led a relatively normal life, graduating from Waseda University. Her quiet manner and moderate ideas are misleading as she proves to be very tough on her own sometimes scaring even tough Onizuka. To prepare him for the test which would determine his teaching career, she prepares a mountain of jelly with eyes of Maguro tuna fish as fruits and imposes impossibly tough schedule that would have killed anyone or drove them mad. Her field of teaching is Kokugo or Japanese language (English in the Live Action). She, not that surprisingly, falls in love with Onizuka, but as both are quite reluctant to admit their feelings and show them in the open they claim that they are just "friends". It's not really a major matter to anyone else except Suguru Teshigawara, who finds it most aggravating that a woman with her qualifications would fall in love with one with such a crude background as Onizuka. She has difficulty with the female students in her class due to all the boys in her class having crushes on her but brings them around fairly quickly after Onizuka's advice. She has a younger sister named Makoto. The Azusa Fuyutsuki portrayed in the live action drama differs greatly from the anime and manga versions. In that version, Fuyutsuki became a teacher because she felt she was forced to, and envies the life of her sister, who became a stewardess who frequently dates male celebrities (and receive some fancy gifts as well.) She eventually decides to remain a teacher thanks to some convincing from Onizuka, though the two are continuously depicted as at odds with each other with love strongly implied. The live-action version of Fuyutsuki also has a dislike for men in general, finding them too possessive over women, though Onizuka also convinces her that she too is guilty of that same sin. Interestingly, she is also present to many of the "lessons" that Onizuka personally teaches his students.