Uranai Baba


Also Known As:

  • Old Hag
  • Witch
  • Fortuneteller Baba

Uranai Baba (å� ã�„ãƒ�ãƒ�, Uranai Baba?) is an old witch that has been fortune-telling for more than 500 years. She is Muten Roshi's older sister, whom he bickers with. With her unique clairvoyant capabilities, she is able to see into the future using her crystal ball. She is more than happy to tell anyone what their future holds for them, although, the price is very costly at a payment up front of Ƶ10,000,000,000 zeni. However, the alternative way of gaining one's fortune is to defeat her five "other-worldly" martial arts experts. She has a knack for divination skills with her crystal ball, allowing her to see any place on Earth, or even look deep into the future. She can also travel to the "Other World" and back.