Badrick Serihan


Badrick Serihan and his unit, the Suppression Team , under the command of the Order Coffin Company is hurry, call ahead of, in its action taking a particularly ruthless and only one group of murderers to be. All of these allegations are baseless and it can not be a certain compromise actually recognize. However, only everything to protect the whole, the Special Zone to protect any threat before, especially if it about vampires to the Kowloon Child is that of vampires to distinguish others are hardly superficial. Under such circumstances will be received no risk and if necessary eliminate all vampires. The commander of the unit is a tough, ruthless dog, who approaches his duties very conscientiously, and also does not hesitate to make questionable decisions need to. Whether he wears a particular hatred for vampires, one can not say, but he rejects categorically the problems would cause vampires and displays towards them anything but squeamish. It also carries with it also a certain pride and honor, which is why he can not stop from setbacks so quickly.