Bak Chang


Birthday: November 11 Bak Chang is a 29-year-old Chinese descendant of a German wizard, one of the founders of the Black Order. He is also the leader of the Black Order's Asia Branch, a post occupied also by his great-grandfather. Like Komui, he is a man completely aware of his duties and will follow God's will strictly. He is able to use spells that control the structure of the building because of his great-grandfather's seal and his bloodline. Acting as the director of the branch, he is a cold and very responsible leader. However, he is actually caring toward others. Nine years ago, the Chang and Epstein families were forced to participate in the Synthetic Disciple Project, which created Exorcists referred to as Second Exorcists. As Kanda was created from this project, Bak is severely sorry and worries the creation of Third Exorcists might offend him. He also has a close relationship with Fo. It is most probable that he is related to Edgar Chang, the former assistant head of Asia Branch, and Twi Chang, the former head of Asia Branch. In the recent chapters 189-193 of Kanda's past, it is mentioned that Edgar had a child with Twi, making him a father. Edgar may have acted as a father figure to both Alma and Kanda. Due to various unfortunate circumstances, he is later killed by Alma. Twi's status is unknown, but has most likely been killed by Alma, too. When Bak Chang was 20 years old, he and Noise Marie met Kanda, albeit briefly. He has a stalker-like infatuation on Lenalee, as seen by a folder of photos he carries with him. When questioned (and later blackmailed) about it by Allen, he broke out in hives.