Also Known As:

  • Sin of Greed
  • Fox Sin
  • Bandit Ban
  • Undead Ban
  • Bain

Age: 43 Height: 210 cm (6'11") Magic: Snatch Ban is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and is The Sin of Greed with the symbol of the Fox. He was imprisoned in the Baste Dungeon. It is later discovered that Ban gained immortality from the fountain of youth in The Fairy King's Forest which lead to his self-appointed nickname ''Undead Ban'.' This also gave birth to him being the Fox of greed. He had originally come to the Fairy King's Forest to steal the Fountain of Youth but stopped when the Guardian Spirit, Elaine, told him it would destroy the forest. He bonded with Elaine and helped defend the fountain from a demon that attacked the forest. Elaine then gave the drink to Ban who was injured and near death, sacrificing herself in the process.