Ban Midou

美堂 蛮

Age: 19 Sex: Male Height: 175 cm Weight: 58 kg Birthday: December 17th Bloodtype: B Powers: Jagan (Evil Eye) and Snake Bite First impressions of Ban are generally that he is a rude person and has a great sense of pride. With his unruly hair (He's often called "Urchin Head") and sunglasses, people already judge him poorly (It doesn't help that he gives unflattering nicknames to almost anyone he meets, e.g. "monkey trainer" Shido and "thread spool" Kazuki). But he is actually a great guy with a strong sense of leadership and a very talented person. He is one quarter German and he's the grandchild of the "Last Witch of the 20th Century". He's also a brother-like figure to Kudou Himiko after she has gotten over her brother's death. Himiko's average fighting skills meant that she often bites off more than what she can chew. In such situations, Ban can be counted on to come to her aid (though it must be noted that she does return the favor at times). In the GB duo, he's often the one who thinks of plans for their moves. Initially, Ginji was seen to be a sidekick to him. (In fact, when they first formed their partnership, Ban insisted that Ginji was only his sidekick.) As the story progresses, Ginji gradually held his own in their missions, and Ban acknowledged him as an equal. Ban is feared due to his procession of the Jagan, a power which allows him to make anyone he makes eye contact with to watch a one minute long illusion, however, it should only be used three times per day. The Evil Eye cannot be used on the same person again for the next 24 hours. Furthermore, while the illusion only lasts for one minute, should Ban will it, the one affected by the Jagan can be placed inside a time-warp zone via the illusion created by the technique, meaning that to them, one minute in real life could last up to several hours in the Jagan's influence. Because he is a direct descendant of the Witch clan, and being born under the star of Asclepius, he possesses incredible superhuman strength, which gives him a gripping force of 200 kgf (2 kN) in each hand. It is also shown that he is strong enough break open the doors of an armored steel truck and punch hard enough to create large craters in the ground or break walls; occasionally even collapsing multi-storied buildings. At full power, his right hand becomes a snake's claw that can crush anything. Also, while powering up, the astral outline of a giant snake can be seen surrounding him. The general impression of people when taking their first look at him is of a skinny or ordinary person; however, a close look will reveal that he is of a fair height and has solid shoulders and large, muscular and solid arms. His unruly ordinary appearance often deceive enemies and they don't expect his level of superhuman super strength.