Bart Garsus

Bart Garsus is a first-class citizen from Taraak, coming from rich parents who owned a food production company. He is initially an easily excitable, weak, and cowardly character, and ends up becoming the helmsman of the Nirvana when the ship chose him for the job. Early in Vandread: The Second Stage, Bart showed compassion for a sick little girl on a polluted planet. She listened to his embellished stories and laughed at his jokes. When a Harvest ship came to the planet, he showed courage for the first time by fighting them off almost single handedly with the weapons of the Nirvana. But while he was gone, she died from her illness. She left a doll of Bart she was making, without finishing the hair, so Bart shaved his head in memory of her. Towards the end of the series, he develops feelings for BC, not knowing her secret, but even after he finds out, he is not swayed, and continues to pursue BC for a relationship. While more settled late in the series, Bart remains a comic relief character. (Source: Wikipedia)