Also Known As:

  • The Cannibal

Name: Bartolomeo Age: 24 Birthdate: October 6 Height: 220cm (7'2") Affiliation: Barto Club (previously; Mafia) Position: Captain Devil Fruit: Bari Bari no Mi (Barrier-Barrier Fruit) Type: Paramecia Bounty: 200,000,000 (previously: 150,000,000) Bartolomeo the Cannibal is a Super Rookie and the captain of the Barto Club. Bartolomeo is a lean yet muscular man. He has light green-colored hair in a wild rocker-like style and no eyebrows. He has a demonic looking face, sharp fangs, and a ring piercing on his nasal septum. There are two lines tattooed under his right eye that curve towards his ear. He has a dark tattoo on his chest of a thick ring with an opening on the top, wings on the sides, and long fangs on the bottom. He wears a dark purple coat with a stripe down each sleeve and a plumed collar and cuffs. On the back of it is a face with its head on fire with two crossing sabers just underneath it. He has a light-colored ring-patterned belt with a chain on the left. He has a weapon tucked in the front of his baggy checkered trousers, and has light ruffled dark boots on his feet. Bartolomeo can be rather vulgar and laid-back at times. He is also very provocative, but also mocks his opponents, usually in a nonchalant manner. Even when attempting to stay cool, however, Bartolomeo can become angered when provoked in return. Bartolomeo also doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him and does not seem to hold a high opinion of people. However, Bartolomeo seems to care for his crew (or at least its reputation). Despite the cruelty he shows to others, he has immense respect for the Straw Hat Pirates. After witnessing Luffy's miraculous survival on the execution stand in Loguetown two years ago, Bartolomeo became a massive fan of Luffy's and views him as his hero, even to the point of worshipping him. After following Luffy's exploits up till the Battle of Marineford, he was inspired to start his life of piracy. His respect for Luffy is so deep that he gets angry and attacks people who mock Luffy as when he squashed a man against a wall with his Devil Fruit powers and even cuts the man's tongue right after he badmouthed Luffy. Bartolomeo also expressed shyness towards Luffy as he hesitated to speak to him face to face. Bartolomeo has been shown to get easily excited when he sees the people he idolizes as when he saw Zoro, he burst into tears out of joy. He weeps uncontrollably even when doing something as simple as asking Zoro for an autograph. When he came face to face with Luffy, he screamed in joy. It has been revealed that he only entered the tournament in order to give Luffy the Mera Mera no Mi. Bartolomeo ate the Bari Bari no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit which allows him to be a Barrier Human. He uses his Devil Fruit powers both to protect himself and attack his opponents. The barriers are seemingly indestructible. He can also use his barriers to attack his enemies. (Source: One Piece Wikia)