Youjou Bashoku

馬謖 幼常

Three Kingdoms counterpart: Ma Su Birthday: March 30 Horoscope: Aries Age: 17 Height: 162 cm Blood Type: A Three Sizes: B-87 W-57 H-85 School: Seito's Academy, 1st Year Toushi Rank: B-Rank Weapon: Chains Manga Bashoku Youjou was an assassin sent by Shokatsuryou Koumei to kill Kakuka and frame Kannai of Nanyo for the crime. Although her fighting skills did not match up to Kakuka's, her early preparation of poisoning her blades led to her victory. She only appeared once in the manga to severely injure Kakuka. She reveals that she attacked Kakuka only to gain credibility and to raise her reputation. Anime The same as the manga, except that she ends up killing Kakuka instead of leaving him in a coma. It is also revealed that she was ordered to attack Kakuka by Koumei. She later travels to Nanyo to tell Koukin, Saji and the others that Sousou defeated Hakufu and captured Kanu. Saji was able to recognise her as Kakuka's real killer and knows it was she that framed Kannei for the murder. He flirts with her anyway. Her main purpose is to bring in reports on Kyosho and Nanyo to Koumei and to defend Seito with Kouchu should Sousou ever invade the school. At the end of the series she joins Koumei for some fishing. (Source: Wikipedia)