Sir Bedivere is a member of the knights of the round table, and one of the few who remained loyal to his king until the end. He worked his way up to being an Imperial Guard who kept watch over Arturia out pure admiration for his king, and he simply wished to be close to her and see her true expressions. He found that even as the one knight who spent the most time around her, he never saw her smile even once and he also never learned of her identity as a woman. He attended to Arturia at her death, and found himself unable to return Excalibur to the lady of the lake twice because that would signal the end of the king's life. Even though disobeying an order is the greatest sin for a knight, he did not feel proper about returning the sword. He felt anger that the king who worked so hard wasn't properly rewarded, but being unable to change her fate, he properly returned the sword the third time. After she passed away, he was happy to see that she was finally able to obtain a peaceful slumber that she had been unable to find in life.