Also Known As:

  • The man who can fight for 3 days and nights

The leader of the Beet Warriors. He is the younger brother of Zenon and believes very greatly in justice. He claims that he will be the man who ends the Dark Ages with his hands. When he was almost killed by Beltorze,the Zenon Warriors put their life energies into their saiga and gave them to him. Because of this he has all 5 of their saiga even if he doesn't know how to use them.He is completely incompetent at using the divine attack and ends up hurting himself. He strongly believes that the Zenon Warriors aren't dead and still looks for them. Saiga: Burning Lance -- This was the saiga of Laio the master of spears.Laio was the one closest to Beet and taught him Sohjutsu (art of the spear). Because of this Beet uses this saiga more than any other. Crown Shield -- This was the saiga of Cruss the main defender of the Zenon warriors. At first Beet thought it was useless for anything except defense. When the Phantom Beltorze knocked him out, he remembered it could be used to remove poisons and could turn into a wrecking ball. Cyclone Gunner -- This is the saiga of the silent Alside. At first Beet could only fire one bullet. He believed this to be because Alside was better than him. After being almost killed by Frausky, Beet relized that the Cyclone Gunner breathed and he had to breath in harmony with it. As he put it, the Cyclone Gunner has no bullets. Boltic Axe -- This was the saiga of the giant Bluezam. Beet didn't like using it because it takes too long to come out and he can't control it. The first time he used it was aganist Grineed. Excellion Blade -- This was the saiga of Beet's brother Zenon. He doesn't use it because he can't use it properly and breaks it when he tries to. The first time he used it was against the Phantom Beltorze.